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Get the Best Gutter Cleaners in Lake Oswego OR

Failing to properly maintain clean gutters can lead to property damage that can be extremely costly. Similar to our other services, we recommend our clients to get on a yearly or bi-yearly schedule. This makes worrying about getting your home’s gutters cleaned a thing of the past. You can’t beat Blue Heron’s gutter cleaning services in Lake Oswego OR.

Benefits Of Our Lake Oswego Gutter Cleaning Services

Our process for Debris Removal is to scoop out the bulk of the debris; once that is done, we use a high-volume blower to blow out any of the excess dirt. Lastly, we check all of the downspouts to ensure everything is flowing correctly.
When you fail to maintain clean gutters, they can become so packed that debris starts clogging the downspouts. When this happens, we use a pressurized water hose to clear out any clogs in the Downspout.
Are your gutters not as clean as you’d like? Maybe there is ugly streaking on them? When this is the case, we recommend our clients to go with our Gutter Brightening Package. With this method, we’re able to get your gutters looking clean again!

Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary?

YES! Gutter Cleaning in Lake Oswego OR is one of the most important services to be on top of. Gutters are designed to protect your home by draining the water off the roof and away from your home’s foundation. Clogged gutters overflow and shoot water down towards the foundation of your home, which can lead to costly damages. We recommend our clients to get on a bi-yearly schedule, so they never have to worry about this!

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Waiting hours, days, even weeks for a cleaning company to get you a quote is a thing of the past when you choose Blue Heron. Receive a fast, customized, and free quote right away by filling out one of our “Get A Quote” Forms!

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We make every client feel special by giving them a chance to provide input on when they want the service done. Want it done ASAP? You got it! Trying to Pre-schedule? No problem! We always do our utmost to work around your schedule.

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We are owner-operated, which means you won’t have some “technician” who could care less about the work he does or the damage he causes. Instead, you get Trent! An enthusiastic professional that loves his job and his clients!

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Frequently Asked
Gutter Cleaning Questions

Our process starts on the roof; first, we blow any loose debris off of the roof. Next, we hand-scoop the bulk of the debris out of the gutters, we follow that with a high-volume blowout to get any leftover particles and ensure the downspouts are clear.
For our gutter cleaning service. There’s virtually nothing we ask our clients to do prior to our arrival. When we arrive, we may ask for the vehicles to be moved out of the driveway if they are blocking access to the gutters.
When you hire us for any service, we will guarantee that our work will be done right. Gutter Cleaning is no different. If you notice any overflowing within 3 months of one of our gutter cleaning services, we will re-clean your gutters for free!
Yes! We recommend our clients to choose at least two different services so they can receive a multiple service discount. We often pair our Gutter Cleaning in Tigard OR with a Roof Cleaning or Christmas Light Installations in Tigard OR.
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