How To Prevent Moss Growth On Roofs

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To prevent moss damage to roofs in Portland Oregon, it is important to keep the roof clean and free of debris. This can be done by regularly cleaning gutters, trimming overhanging tree branches, and removing moss and other debris.
If moss is already present on the roof, it can be removed by using a roof rake or a moss removal solution, or by hiring a professional roof cleaning service.

It’s important to keep in mind that moss removal should be done carefully to avoid damaging the roof and safely to avoid any injuries.

It is always recommended to consult a professional roofer or contractor before attempting to remove moss from your roof to ensure that it is done safely and correctly.
Blue Heron Services has a 3-Step Process to safely & efficiently treat the moss on your roof.

  1. Roof Clearing (Clear all loose debris via blower)
  2. Moss Agitation (Brush Moss with Deck Brush) *Not looking to manually remove*
  3. Treatment (Apply our Solution at Low Pressure)

It does take around 3 months for all of the moss to fall off the roof after our treatment. This process allows all the Moss to be killed from the roots and removed with ZERO damage to your roof! We provide a 3-Year Moss-Free Guarantee with our Treatments!

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